Thursday, October 30, 2008

my next nervous breakdown

It's been a rough time at Casa de Shadocat. The Car was resurrected from the dead, this due to a new/used engine put in to the tune of $3500 . S/O's vertigo is past, but the effect it had on our pocketbooks continues----she missed a lot of time from work, and sick leave didn't cover it all. I am working both jobs at full tilt just to get the bills paid---I miss blogging, but there's no time, just no time! I would say I'm sick of this whole election, but I'm so desperate for Obama to win, if this nail-biting process will make that possible, then I'm all for it.
Grandbaby's first B-day is coming up next month, and I'm actually thinking I might not be able to afford a present. And forget about Christmas; seriously, this year, could we really forget about it?
Oh and last week, guess who chipped off two of her FRONT TEETH and can't afford to have them fixed? C'est moi, tis I.
And yes, I blame this all on the Republicans. Why? Because if say, Al Gore had become the president, maybe we wouldn't be spending a gazillion $$$$$ on TWO WARS, and maybe the economy would've been better regulated, and wouldn't be going to hell in a hat box. AND MAYBE then, there'd be more jobs around, even for a fat-ass, middle-aged cripple, and I could have one good job, instead of two crappy ones.
Thank you to all who read this post, for letting me bitch and moan---I actually feel a little better now. Break over, back to work!


kat said...

Could we all just cancel Christmas? Please? It would help our pocketbooks, rid the world of seasonal depressive disorder (what's that actually called?), make life easier for children of divorced parents who argue over who gets the kids for the holiday, and so many other good things...
I'm with you Shado. I even have a t-shirt with the Grinch on it.

shadocat said...

I know it's been awhile but I'm still for cancelling Christmas. Where can I get one of those Grinch t-shirts?

kat said...

Mine was from a little candy and gift shop across the street from my house....don't know where others would be available.
I'm in full Christmas Concert Hell this week (3 concerts of music for all of the Catholic Feast Days in the 12 days of Christmas plus a "mini-Messiah" that makes me want to puke.)
Please, could we cancel this bs???