Monday, April 14, 2008

Not My Best Day

Yesterday, S/O got really, really sick (and she's never sick, so I knew it was bad). I fussed over her as much as I could; made about a week's worth of Jewish Penicillin (chicken soup), whipped up numerous cocktails of grape juice, 7UP and crushed ice, etc. But due to my numerous handicaps, I felt I was unable to care for her the way I should. However, I told myself , the crip situation may end soon, as I was scheduled to have outpatient surgery on Wednesday.
So what should I get when leaving Job #1 ? A message from the surgery center stating they were cancelling my surgery, as I am more messed up than they realized, and my procedure would need to be done in a hospital.
I get to Job#2, and there is my beautiful, big philodendron, my plant baby, it's formerly big, beautiful green leaves turned a sickly yellow, and its' vines withered and drooping. Upon closer examination, it seems someone dumped what looks to be a nasty substance in its' pot. So now I have to track down a plant murderer!
Finally, I find out my 2 best work friends have given their notices, and will be leaving next week!
I just hope that that old saying about bad things happening in 3s is (for this day anyway) true.


kat said...

ugh.....sounds most yucky. i recommend the consumption of lots and lots of brownies. good luck with the surgery, and the prosecution of the plant murderer.

shadocat said...

Thanks kat---you are a luv!

kat said...

I think you should spray weed killer on the murderer....when you find him or her.

kat said...

how are things going? no more items to add to the bad news log?

Daisy said...

Ohhhh! I hope she feels better!

And yeah, I know what it is to lose beloved work friends. :(