Monday, October 22, 2007

I'm Back Baby!

I'm finally out of my pain-killer induced fog, and I slowly am working that stuff out out my system (lots of water please!) and beginning to feel normal (whatever that is) again. In the beginning I do have a dim memory of trying to cheat at little (I think I said something about cold cuts on Alison's blog) but what caught by Ms. Cyndi, and forced to promise to stay off the computer, and not, type, write,draw, do crosswords, or any form of housework (that one was easy). And I am tickled rose by all the comments on my little blog! I am going to re-read them all and post ad nauseum tonight! I only have one request---someone else post something, anything on MOC. Even if it's silly, or crazy, or stupid, or I guarantee you, I'll write something about cleaning baseboards, or allowing paint to dry---I swear I'll do it...



Maggie Jochild said...


This is during the original, before we find out what kinda hot undies she's got on beneath those coveralls. Everybody except Parker and Lambert are dead or cocooned, and Ripley is trying to get enough supplies on the escape pod. Right about here is when she realizes she's left Jonesy and has to go back for the cat. (YEAH, part of why Ripley rulz.)

Here on my monitor I have a metal-cast Ripley in exactly this pose, with the same weapon (no flame thrower on this one yet). She's about 2 inches high, and when I go out to do readings or performances, she rides in my pocket.

shadocat said...

Yeah, you can't do better than Ripley when you're lookin' for a powerful image---she ROXXX!