Friday, October 19, 2007


I just found out---I have bursitis! Yesterday, I woke up with my right arm a-hurtin', and a big, red bump on my elbow. The pain got worse, and I got a fever. I went to the doc and he told me I have bursitis, probably caused by (get this!) TOO MUCH COMPUTER USE!!!

I mean, AS IF! Do they think bursitis will keep me down? (Actually it might---I just took some pain pills and may be doped up all weekend. So y'all might not read any ravings from me until Monday)....

So while you're blogging out there, be sure to take care of your elbows!



little gator said...

Bursitis. OOf. I had it in one hip, but it miraculously went away. My doc and I agree to ignore it unless it comes back.

Mr Lewis, one of my favorite high school teachers, had bursitis in one arm. He was a sweetie with a sense of humor most of the time. But when he had his arm in a sling, watch out.

silvio soprani said...

My role model is the Dalai Lama. Would he let bursitis keep him from letting the sunshine in? As if! (to quote Shado!)

Hey, let's face it; we are all wearing out. Eventually we will be able to trade these hopeless bodies in for a new model (although they will probably a find a way to jack up the price...)

Shado, you beautiful redhead, I adore you! (Please explain to your esteemed partner that my adoration is platonic (sapphonic?) and virtual, so therefore, no threat.

Rave on; take aspirin, drink ginger tea, listen to inspiring music.



Maggie Jochild said...

Is Sapphonic free of sexual content? Not from how I read her verse fragments (grin). But, then, what word WOULD be appropriate?

Bursitis is one thing I've not had. Still, you have my complete empathy. Any kind of food or regimen that is anti-inflammatory would be good right now. Not sure what those are, but the internet will have the answer. Oh, wait...

I know there's spiritual wisdom in the reality that we are all designed to wear out (planned obsolence) and that our physical reality is all delusion, anyhow. Some days I can groove with it, some days not so much. You take care, honey. Watch "Will It Float?" on Letterman and don't tax yourself beyond that.

silvio soprani said...

Watch "Will it Float"? Maggie,you crack me up. To appropriate a word being used on the Other blog this week, your tastes are truly "catholic" (with a lower case "c")!

silvio soprani said...

p.s. from what I have read between the lines of Plato, I am not sure even his behavior was "platonic."

Maggie Jochild said...

The only thing I like better than Will It Float on Letterman is when they throw stuff off the roof to see how it shatters. I long to do the same.

Remember years and years ago, when he was still on CBS, he used to put on special suits and do weird stuff? Like once they glued a kajillion Alka Selzters to his coveralls and he jumped into a vat of water. Or, even better, he had on a suit of one side of Velcro and he jumped onto a wall made of the other side of Velcro -- and stuck instantly.

I also watch Extreme Home Makeover and cry every damned time. I shout at the TV "Move that bus!" which makes my cat go hide.

I've seen every episode of Friends so many times I know them all by heart. And when they play the opening song, after the line "When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year", I clap my hands five times real fast along with the Remingtons. Also freaks out my cat.

Maggie Jochild said...

Silvio, I'm sitting here laughing about how I didn't know how to spell booger. The things I learn online...

Or maybe I should post this under the "germs" thread?

silvio soprani said...


Well think about it--how often does one NEED to spell "booger"? It simply never comes up in my correspondence (except of course on our blogs, unique experiences that they are!!)

In fact, I am sitting here scratching my head trying to remember why I know how to spell it....

You know, I never cease to be amazed how the people who talk about the weightiest issues and seem the LEAST superficial seem to enjoy the same tv "comfort food" as everybody else! (I am referring to FRIENDS.) I too confess that I have seen every episode a zillion times. Even Joey, whose eyes light up lubriciously (how's that for a word?) whenever anything vaguely lesbian gets mentioned, has such a transparent and unashamed ID that I find him hilarious.

I think FRIENDS is the current generation's I LOVE LUCY.

I just wish I could figure out from the supermarket tabloids if Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are REALLY close to a breakup. I still can't imagine acquiring 4 children in the first year of a relationship. (Okay,, maybe the first 2 years.) Does seem like it would be a bit of a strain. And you never hear about them having a nanny, although they MUST. I hope they have a slew of nannies.

Sorry; just slapped myself. Must snap out of tabloid mode this beautiful Sunday morning.

Maggie Jochild said...

Oh, g*d, I can't believe I'm going to post about this...

I, too, am really interested in the Jolie-Pitt scenario. From one step back (ignoring the celebrity worship), a few things seem evident to me:
Each of them wants to be "taken seriously", i.e., not just eye candy. And they're doing a good job with pursuing this goal.
Jolie in particular is devoted to the welfare of children. She's clearly working out some childhood abuse issues of her own, and I have to say, I respect her for not just navel-gazing around it (the best path out of a traumatic past involves taking action as well as therapy), not airing all her dirty laundry in public, and ESPECIALLY for not going down the substance abuse route.
Yeah, becoming responsible for four kids during their early developmental years, kids from diverse regions of the world who are no doubt experiencing culture shock, has to be demanding in the extreme. They DO have a slew of nannies, but to their credit (in particular, Pitt) they haul them around with them and spend as much time with them as they can. I looked at the floor-plan of the house in New Orleans, and it's a family-style home, without privacy wings for parents that is the norm for Hollywood.
And -- if you're open to personal transformation and battling your own demons (which I think maybe Jolie is), having children is a fast-track classroom. I think that's the explanation for Rosie's political/personal development and ability to come out, the arrival of Parker, Blake and Chelsea in her life.

To follow this train of thought through Pitt to Aniston and then you-know-where: MAD TV in its first few seasons had a regular, a skinny black guy who played a UPS deliverer, who went home at night and watched Friends obsessively, with cardboard cut-outs of the characters around his living room and imaginary conversations. It was partly a send-up of how very white the show is, but all the same, I think of it often when I'm watching the re-runs and noticing how familiar they all are to me. I count on Phoebe taking Ross down a notch, or Monica's obsessions being accommodated, or Joey being more pretty than smart. I am fondest of Chandler -- or, as those of us in the know call him, Ms. Chanandler Bong.

silvio soprani said...


okay I am totally NOT in the know, so I don't understand the "chanandler bong" part, although the "ms" perhaps related to the fact that the character's father is a trans-person and Chandler is always grappling with his own take on gender and masculinity, bless his heart.

Regarding Rosie, I did not realize she had 3 kids!! I remember when her talk show first started she always referred to her one child but I lost track after that.

I do agree that the Pitt-Jolies do seem to schlep their kids all over the world with them. It is true that being around children does force you to confront yourself and loosen up a bit.

When Pitt first got together with Jennifer Aniston,it was right after he had made that movie about Nepal (or was it Tibet) and I remember thinking she was a bit lightweight for him, but maybe he needed that balance.

When he got together with Angelina (in spite of the sneaky way they did it), I did think she was a better match for his deeper side. so I do wish them well. I am relieved to hear that they do have a slew of nannies.

I never had any nannies and devoted myself completely to my 3 kids until I lost custody of them during my separation with their father. One does sacrifice any attempt to develop a career or one's art if one is the sole caregiver to children. I did not mind doing it, but later I felt that I lost bigtime because I had not developed any equity or investment, monetary, careerwise, or just as an artist. yET, i am not sure I would have been able to surrender care of my kids to anybody else. I really felt like they needed me there at the time.

But now I don't know if that was realistic. If I'd had a mother or a sister or a best friend or something, surely they could have taken turns with me without any irrevocable damage taking place.

Since we are indulging in scandal sheet discussion, how about Katie Holmes? Are we worried about her?

People Magazine this week has Suri on the cover; I didn't get to read the story but I suspect it is one of those "I don't mind losing myself completely in motherhood."

I am glad Angelina Jolie is showing us how to do both at the same time, although I don't understand all those cover stories about how anorexic she is. is that just another headline magazine-seller?

What do I know?

silvio soprani said...

p.s. SHADO!
Just remembered i am ON YOUR VIE IN KC! I hope your bursitis is improving!

Just read today that Liza Minelli is coming to Baltimore for some (highly expensive) benefit performance. She says she has two new artificial hips! And she is going to dance!

so there is hope for all of us. (Although social security probably won't pay for our artificial hips...)

shadocat said...

My bursitis IS improving---slowly. I'm learning a lot about this condition; apparently it really likes those with autoimmune problems, and can easily slip into a staph situation, which I guess is why my docs have been extra careful. But today, I feel much better.

Wish I could see Liza with you in Baltimore, Silvio---she used to be my she-ro.

Anonymous said...

great article. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did anyone know that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.