Thursday, July 10, 2008


Three days ago, I received the scare of my life. I was checking my voicemail at work, when I got a message from S/O's office. They said she had had a seizure, and had been taken to the hospital. I hopped in the car, drove like a madwoman to the emergency room, and arrived just as she was being wheeled in. I called out her name, but it was clear she had absolutely no idea who I was.

You know what I was afraid of---a stroke. Turned out it was not that, but vertigo, which I always had though meant just being dizzy. Turns out it is soooooo much more. In her case, severe nausea and vomiting, extreme dizziness and balance problems, cramping and migraine. Two days later, much of that has passed, but the extreme dizziness and balance problems. She has been unable to work since then, mostly because she can't freakin' walk.
We still don't know what's causing it; it could be as simple as an inner ear infection, or as complicated as a brain tumor. We go to the doc tomorrow. It's probably the ear thing---right?


Daisy said...

It's usually called Meniere's Disease, especially if there is ringing.

So glad it wasn't anything worse!!! (((hugs)))

shadocat said...

Thanks Daisy---Actually, we won't know anything for sure until she sees the ENT doc---and that won't happen until next Tues! Doncha just love our healthcare system?

Aunt Soozie said...

Hope she's feeling better soon. I have an Uncle who has Meniere's and my ex's mom has had a number of bouts of vertigo. One of my friends had a case once that was due to a viral thing. I hope all is well and SOON! Sending positives your way darling!!

kat said...

Hey Shado,
Just checking in to see how you're doing!
sending good vibes your way,

shadocat said...

Thank you, kat and soozie! Those good vibes must've helped, cuz she's much better!